Saturday, 28 March 2009

How I found out about Glen Cook and The Black Company

In the late 2006 I was looking for some good fantasy book written in English. English is not my native language and I wanted to read something interesting and fun just to keep in touch with it.

I was doing a thorough research on the Internet. Paradoxically I found the first mention about The Black Company on some forum in my native language. It was very short and vague, but it hinted that some person loved the Black Company and now “mourns” it. In fact it was only one short phrase, which is hard to translate to English, but it got me interested. Thankfully I was able to learn the original title because it was translated very precisely, which is something rare.

Having the title I was able to find many other opinions about the Black Company novel very fast. Some of them contained fairly detailed information about Glen Cook’s style of writing and I thought that I should enjoy it. Then I found on the net the first chapter of the novel and I was sure it was something I was looking for.

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