Sunday, 26 April 2015

Trumpets and saxophones in modern music

(There is an update at the end of this post - I leave the beginning unchanged.)

Recently I have enjoyed modern music with trumpets or saxophones. On my blog there are already 2 examples of such songs featuring trumpets:

Rewind The Film – a masterpiece
Honouring and remembering regular soldiers

Below there are 3 more examples. The first one is a little old (2011), but I've got to like this song only recently. It has a very strange video and I used to switch a channel every time I saw it. Later I have enjoyed this song on a radio without recognising that it is the same song. Now I realise that there is a trumpet that I enjoy so much. The remaining 2 examples are quite new (2013) and they both feature saxophones. The last one has a strange video too (my wife can’t stand it), but the song is good and the saxophone parts are great.

I found a new great song featuring saxophone. The video itself is joyful and eye-catching, especially to men. On the other hand the lyrics should be enjoyable rather to women. Anyway, the song is very energetic and the saxophone parts are simply awesome.

(Sunday, 2 March 2014; updated 12 August 2014)

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