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The Dragon Never Sleeps

(Originally posted on Tuesday, 27 October 2009)

My rating: 9/10 (very high re-reading value)
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Please read my post from May 2009 to learn about Glen Cook’s style of writing.

[Short review]

What’s bad:
1. The story could be told in a less confusing way. Without careful reading it is hard to follow and understand everything. Actually I had to read some earlier parts of the book again to understand what was going on later. Some characters have their clones (sometimes more than one), which makes the plot even more complicated.
2. The ending leaves the possibility for a sequel, but Glen Cook himself said this book was written under the condition that there would never be a sequel.

What’s good:
1. Glen Cook’s style of writing.
2. Complex and very imaginative plot.
3. Fantastic idea of Guardships.
4. Monumental battles in space.
5. Huge scope of the book.
6. Interesting characters.
7. Great concept of fast travel in space.
8. Nice touch on the political and social aspect of the world.

Although the plot of The Dragon Never Sleeps is sometimes very confusing and I had some hard time to follow it, I enjoyed this book very, very much. I could not believe that one book can contain so much brilliant and very imaginative ideas. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe this book was written especially to suit my taste. I don’t know. Even though its plot is sometimes very confusing I rate The Dragon Never Sleeps as a very good book.

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