Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A different kind of renegade

(Originally posted on Saturday, 10 September 2016)

Below there is a lyric-video for the song Renegades by X Ambassadors. By the way, I have no idea what this band is like and I don't really care – this very one song is all that matters to me.

I needed some time to fully appreciate the song because I am a lawful person and I didn't like the lyrics referring to rebels, mutineers and outlaws. However, over time, I realised that in the future ALL the free-thinking people (ALL OVER the world) may be called rebels, mutineers and outlaws.

Already the madness of political-correctness uses the over-interpreted term “hate-speech”, even when people are just stating their personal opinions ABOUT THEIR OWN FEELINGS (not about facts that can be verified in any way). Such an opinion should NOT be considered a crime because it is just a result of the calculations made by a human brain. My own opinions that are based on my own feelings are my own business and I will never stop saying them aloud. This way, in the future, without changing my behaviour at all, I may become a renegade, just a different kind of renegade.

PS. I think this lyric-video is a fan-made video because I had seen it much earlier on a different Youtube account. It seems that the band made this video their own lyric-video only after some time. It would explain why the lyrics are not perfect in this “official” lyric-video.

By the way: some Internet sites (including Google Play Music) give lyrics that in my opinion are wrong: “Spielberg's and Kubrick's” – they don't make any sense. The lyrics in the lyric-video above (“Spielbergs and Kubricks”) are correct – they mean “(all hail) people like Spielberg and (all hail) people like Kubrick” (the noun “people” is a plural noun and so are the nouns “Spielbergs” and “Kubricks”).

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