Monday, 23 March 2015

Aliens' 30th anniversary

(Originally posted on Wednesday, 14 September 2016)

I wrote about this awesome movie here:
Aliens director’s cut trivia

This year the movie Aliens was celebrating its 30th anniversary. There are some cool articles about it:

There were many great actors in Aliens, but my favourite one has always been Michael Biehn. He was fantastic in Aliens! And in Terminator too! Here is a HUGE article about this actor:

Some time ago I learned that he had had an alcohol problem (much later in his career than Aliens) and I was very surprised. Well, anybody can get addicted to something, but Michael Biehn? One of my favourite actors ever? Yeah, alcohol is easy to obtain and perfectly legal, so why not? I myself drink hardly any alcohol, but some of my colleagues at work are SURE that one beer a day is not a problem.

Anyway, I found a very funny anecdote about Biehn, but I doubt if it is true. It's more like a joke. I found it here:

Quote from the user “maledoro”:

I have a Michael Biehn story to share with you all. A few years back, my (then) girlfriend and I were walking through NYC and saw this unshaven, but well-dressed guy standing on a corner with a 40 in his hand yelling, "I was Hicks! I was Hicks!"

My girlfriend said, "He looks like a hick...", and told her, "Wait just a sec. I think I know this guy." We walked closer, and I asked, "Sir? Are you Michael Biehn?" The guy's crazed look softened a bit and he said, "Yes, I am!"

My girlfriend asked, "You? A terrible drunk like you is Michael Biehn?" The guy looked at her and said, "Whattya mean 'terrible'? I'm one of the best drunks in this city!"

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