Sunday, 2 August 2015

NBA 2017 MVP race – part 3

(Originally posted on Friday, 2 December 2016)

All the data I used I found on this site:

On 1 December 2016 the Golden State Warriors recorded their third loss of the season and now there are no teams with less the 3 losses.

With the assumptions described in this post: ,
according to the data from the games up to 1 December 2016 the current NBA 2017 MVP race list is this:
1. Kevin Durant: 2665.81      (projected team wins: 69)
2. Russell Westbrook: 2303.85      (projected team wins: 49)
3. James Harden: 2263.88      (projected team wins: 52)
4. Stephen Curry: 2189.94      (projected team wins: 69)
5. LeBron James: 2092.74      (projected team wins: 63)
6. Kawhi Leonard: 2085.71      (projected team wins: 65)
7. Chris Paul: 2021.99      (projected team wins: 62)
8. Blake Griffin: 1896.59      (projected team wins: 62)
9. Kevin Love: 1875.26      (projected team wins: 63)
10. DeMar DeRozan: 1874.07      (projected team wins: 55)

Once again Kevin Durant is a clear leader of the race. Stephen Curry is 4th with a projected MVP value much lower than his last year's MVP value. It made me analyse per-game statistics of both players. Kevin Durant is having his best season EVER – currently he has career-best numbers in FG%, 3P%, 2P%, TRB/G, STL/G, BLK/G and TOV/G (career-best turnovers means career-low turnovers). His numbers in PTS/G, FT% and AST/G are still very high, so he is currently AWESOME! On the other hand Stephen Curry's numbers in almost every statistics are weaker than his last year's numbers. He is still VERY good, but not MVP good.

Russell Westbrook climbed back to the 2nd place and James Harden is now 3rd. In case of Harden it happened thanks to the improved record of his team. In both cases their MVP values are dragged down by the high numbers of their turnovers.

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