Sunday, 2 August 2015

NBA 2017 MVP race – part 10

(Originally posted on Wednesday, 1 March 2017)

All the data I used I found on this site:

On 28 February 2017 the Golden State Warriors recorded their 10th loss of the season and now there are no teams with less the 10 losses.

With the assumptions described in this post: ,
according to the data from the games up to 28 February 2017 the current NBA 2017 MVP race list is this:

1. James Harden: 2454.94      (projected team wins: 56)
2. Kevin Durant: 2393.68      (projected team wins: 68)
3. Russell Westbrook: 2220.30      (projected team wins: 48)
4. Stephen Curry: 2085.39      (projected team wins: 68)
5. LeBron James: 1998.78      (projected team wins: 58)
6. Kawhi Leonard: 1912.29      (projected team wins: 64)
7. John Wall: 1682.13      (projected team wins: 49)
8. Isaiah Thomas: 1657.35      (projected team wins: 52)
9. Kyrie Irving: 1513.61      (projected team wins: 58)
10. Klay Thompson: 1478.57      (projected team wins: 68)

Unfortunately Kevin Durant is out of contention because of injury. It seems that he will miss at least 4 weeks (at least 15 games), so his total numbers at the end of the season will be much lower than what they could be without injury. It means that his actual MVP value will be much lower than the projected one above.

Interestingly the race is not over because Houston Rockets' projected number of wins decreased by 2 and Oklahoma City Thunder's projected number of wins increased by 3, so the gap between James Harden and Russell Westbrook got significantly smaller. James Harden is still a clear leader, but there are still more than 20 games to play for both these teams and anything can happen.

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