Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Fun with a “short longboard”

(Originally posted on Saturday, 1 April 2017)

When I was a child I had a “fish skateboard”, but it was quite primitive – it wasn’t rolling well, it was rather short and it had a plastic deck. It was fun anyway, but I wished that I had a “real skateboard”. Recently my daughter has been trying to ride her scooter without using hands (it’s possible because her scooter has 2 front wheels) and it made me think that maybe I should buy a skateboard that could be used by my whole family. It would be something new and exciting for my daughter and I would finally have a “real skateboard”. And we would spend more time together too.

I picked a relatively cheap skateboard that I call a “short longboard”. It has relatively big and relatively soft wheels (like a longboard), but its size is that of a regular/conventional skateboard. It is fun to ride such a skateboard even on a dirty and rough surface (like that of a tiled pavement or a tiled road). The first movie is a good example, but I must point out that there was a very gentle slope in the first half of the “track” and the board was rolling better in that part.

The board is big enough for me and small enough for my daughter.

By the way: I bought my daughter's scooter long time ago, but she had trouble riding it when she was younger. I bought it because to me it looked like a makeshift skateboard with a stick.

The scooter is sturdy enough for me to ride it, but the deck is rather small and I have trouble to place both my feet on it. Here's a video showing how it turns:

Some of you probably wonder why my daughter (like me) wasn’t wearing a helmet. The reason is that she can actually run much faster than she can ride the board or her scooter. I don’t require that she wears a helmet while running, so I don’t do it while she is riding a skateboard or a scooter at very low speeds. Sure there are many bad things that can happen to us when we are not wearing helmets, but they can happen to us also while we are NOT riding a skateboard. Any person should generally stay alert and any person should avoid doing stupid and dangerous things. I always say to my daughter: “You may run uphill as fast as you want, but you should never run downhill.” When I say it she looks at me as if I were crazy (exactly like my wife), but she obeys this rule most of the time. I have a very good imagination and I can easily see many possible bad things that can happen then. The same rule goes for a skateboard or a scooter. Personally I would never ride a skateboard (or run downhill) on any significant slope EVEN while wearing a helmet. And I allow my daughter to ride a skateboard or a scooter only on flat ground or very gentle slope. She does wear a helmet while she is riding a bicycle.

PS. When I was recording the movies it was so chilly that people were wearing jackets and winter caps. Now, just two days later, it is so hot that people are wearing shorts. Spring has sprung!

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