Thursday, 12 March 2015

Beautiful flying videos

(Originally posted on Sunday, 4 June 2017)

The first three videos feature truly beautiful shots. BEAUTIFUL!

The female pilot in the second video can be briefly seen in the first video. The second video features some quotes from her interviews (I don't have time to translate them).

The third video can't be embedded and you have to watch it directly on Youtube. The flying shots start at 2:16, so I set the link to start there:

This year the local aeroclub from my home city (Lubuskie Province Aeroclub from Zielona Góra) celebrates its 60th anniversary and yesterday there was a festival at its airport that featured, among others, numerous aerobatic displays. I went there together with my wife and our children and we watched some of the displays, including a display by the Żelazny Aerobatic Group (the word “żelazny” in Polish means the adjective “iron”).

Below there are two videos I recorded at the festival. The first one shows a short fragment of the display by the Żelazny Aerobatic Group and the second one shows a part of a display by parachutists. One of the parachutists was approaching to land so fast it was unsettling.

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