Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Motocross Nitro – all tracks easy way

(Originally posted on Wednesday, 2 August 2017)

There are 20 Youtube videos in this post, so it may load very slowly.

Motocross Nitro is by far the best motocross game I have ever played (or even seen). The fun peaks at the track Alpine Peak, but to reach it you have to beat all the previous tracks. Some of them seem to be VERY difficult (and VERY frustrating), but if you know where to use the nitro boost the game suddenly becomes pure fun. That's why I created a whole walkthrough that I called the “easy way”.

Please notice that:
1. I do as little tricks as I can.
2. I spend money only on the best bikes and only on the best upgrades.
3. I “cheat” in all the freestyle tracks – I do some extra tricks instead of finishing the track right away.
4. Whenever I buy a new bike I repeat the very first track just to get used to the new bike and to unlock the first upgrade for the bike.
5. Most of the movies were captured in FIRST take and this is why some of the runs are far from perfect (but good enough). I had to repeat some tracks, but only 2 tracks were truly difficult to me – Quicksands (step 14) and Alpine Peak (step 15).
6. I was NOT able to win the last track (ever, not just during the walkthrough), but the silver cup is enough for me.
7. I don't care about additional challenges. Even though most of them are quite fun and natural, there are several challenges that are really stupid (crashing on purpose) or VERY difficult (for example finishing a lap of the last track in less than 20 seconds). Unfortunately this is the overall tendency in gaming – to add as many “achievements” as possible, no matter how hard, creating an addictive trap. It takes a concious decision to ignore such additional “fun features”.

When you unlock all the tracks you can enjoy simply driving a motocross bike without using the nitro boost at all. Again the best track for this is the Alpine Peak.

By the way: I captured the gameplay movies using the program MSI Afterburner with its plug-in Riva Tuner Statistics Server. It is free and it allows capturing without any time limit.

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