Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The most recent posts on this blog

I've changed the date in most of my posts, so they are in the order I prefer. The original date is at the start or at the end of every modified post.

There are over 180 posts on this blog, so finding new ones would be very difficult without any help.

Some labels contain many posts with Youtube videos and this is the reason why they load so slowly.

The most recent posts are:
The best NBA drafts (improved analysis) (updated on Thursday, 15 June 2017)
Beautiful flying videos (4 June 2017)
Whoooa! Who is she? (29 May 2017)
Send Away The Tigers 10 Year Collectors’ Edition review (27 May 2017)
Kids and parents (my own rhyme in English) (27 May 2017)

My top 7 favourite posts (on any topic) are:
The Dragon Never Sleeps re-read (Glen Cook's masterpiece)
"Let's enjoy the little things (for in them the formula for happiness is written)"
303 (Polish) Squadron Battle of Britain diary
My favourite list of Manic Street Preachers songs (1 CD version)
A man who saved the life of George Washington
Echoes of the Great Song re-read (David Gemmell's masterpiece)
Asceticism is neither the key, nor the goal

You can find all of my favourite posts under the label “00 – My favourite posts”.