Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Cold Copper Tears re-read

(Originally posted on Sunday, 14 May 2017)

My original rating: 10/10
My final rating: 10/10

Cold Copper Tears is a roller-coaster of action. Overall the novel is so fantastic that again (like the first time through) I ignored two minor things that actually annoy me.

The first thing is that Morley Dotes does some very ruthless things (for reasons that are greatly exaggerated) to cover one of Garrett's undertaking and Garrett contradicts himself while judging Morley's actions on the spot. Thankfully at the very end of the novel Garrett admits that it was kind of his fault (for taking Morley along) and feels bad about it.

The other annoying thing is that the plot revolves partly about religions and priests and there are some things about the way people believe and think about gods (or a god). On its own it's not so bad and to some extent it is even thought-provoking, but Glen Cook seems to be a very strong atheist and uses the novel to make some digs at religions on purpose. Thankfully a non-fanatical religious person like me can take it rather well. Well, a religious person should never be fanatical, otherwise it fuels the negative opinion of the other side. But I digress.

Please notice that the things described above don't lower my perfect rating. Yes, this novel so THAT awesome! The action is non-stop and the plot is overall cool and mysterious. On top of that there are some truthful and/or quite positive things to be found in the novel. Perfect!

Here are some spoiler-free quotes:

    I looked at the blonde. She looked at me. I liked what I saw. She had mixed feelings. (…)

    I've been poor and I've been poorer, and the practical side of me has learned one truth: money runs out. No matter how well I did yesterday, the money will run out tomorrow.

    My street was always a carnival, like TunFair itself. But it's all darkness grinning behind a party mask.

    (…) “You're going to get more than you bargain for if you keep trying to do something for those kids.”
    “They need a friend in the grown-up world, Dean. They need to see there's somebody decent out there, that the world isn't all shadow-eat-shadow and the prizes go to the guys who're the hardest and nastiest.”
    He faked a surprise. “It isn't that way?”
    “Not yet. Not completely. A few of us are trying to fight a rearguard action by doing a good deed here and there.”

    “That's sad. I'm sorry. It isn't fair.”
    “Life isn't fair, Maya. I've learned to live with it. Mostly, I don't think about it. I don't let it shape me or drive me.”

    I had a thought. That happens. So do lunar eclipses. (…)

    It was the kingpin's man Crask, looking uglier and meaner than ever because he was trying to be friendly and courteous. “Chodo says he'd consider it a big favor if you'd come out to the house right away, Mr. Garrett. He said to give you his assurance that it's important and that you'll be compensated for your trouble.”
    I was getting compensated by everybody in sight without having the slightest notion what was going on. I'd get rich if the mess never sorted itself out.

    I'm a guy who doesn't understand intangible stakes. I know some would argue that I have a set of values I take pretty seriously, but if I can't eat it or spend it or make it go purr in the night, I don't know what to do with it. It's a weakness, a blind spot. Sometimes I forget there are guys willing to get killed over ideas. I just go bulling ahead looking for a pot of gold.

    “You know how dangerous that is?” (…)
    She gave me the look the look the young save for old farts who say dumb things. “What did we have to lose?”
    Only their lives. But kids are immortal and invulnerable. Just ask them.

    “(…) What's happening is, I've disappeared. Maybe run out of town. You aren't seeing me. You're seeing some guy who came down here to gawk.”
    He lifted an eyebrow. Damn, I hate it when people steal my tricks.

    Maya frowned and gave me a searching look. “I don't know. But you're more an expert on people than I am.”
    I snorted. Me an expert? I can't even figure me out, let alone the rest of the world.

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