Friday, 25 March 2016

What to read after The White Rose

(Originally posted on Saturday, 29 August 2009)

If You enjoyed the first three books of The Black Company series as much as I did You should read on, but do it in the APPROPRIATE order. The next book after the The White Rose is The Silver Spike !!!

I’ve heard that in the omnibus book called The Books of the South they placed The Silver Spike at the end!? That’s stupid, because The Silver Spike closes some loose ends from the first trilogy. The other books from that omnibus can’t be read on their own, because the story started in them ends in the last Black Company book (10th overall).

Maybe the reason for this was that The Silver Spike formally is not a Black Company chronicle – it is just a story about former Black Company members. Nonetheless it is called a novel of The Black Company and it was included in the above mentioned omnibus. I think it is better to read The Silver Spike as a fourth Black Company book.

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