Saturday, 18 April 2015

Honouring and remembering regular soldiers

Below there is a music video I enjoy very much. About honouring soldiers carrying out orders of their commanders while serving for their country. And about remembering those who have died doing it. Regular soldiers can’t be sure if a war they carry is just or not, but they do what they are told, believing that it is just.

Soldiers fighting in the same wars on different sides, no matter what their sides are, believe in similar things. And I think that they should all be honoured and remembered. They don't proclaim wars and they don't give orders on the grand scale. And they all have their families who mourn them.

I want to, I must and I feel the need to write something about all those revolutions happening around the world, especially about Syria and Ukraine. I don’t state who is “just” and who is not. I only want to state that fallen soldiers from the regime sides of such conflicts should be honoured and remembered too. They lost their lives serving for their country and carrying out orders of their commanders, like regular soldiers should do.

(Sunday, 23 February 2014)

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