Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Cool song and true little story

Below there is a song that I got to know only yesterday. To be precise: there are 2 versions of the same song – the first one is from the official music video and the second one is a live version of the song with subtitles in three languages: French, Polish and English. Enjoy!

I heard the song on the radio when I was going to work. I liked it very much already on the first listen and toward the end of the song I felt the need to know the singer and the title of the song. Normally I would remember the most common lyrics phrase and google it later, but this time it was impossible – the song was in French and I don't speak this language at all. How do you remember words that you can't even distinguish?

I decided to record a short movie using my mobile phone to play it to my wife later. She can speak a little French, so I thought maybe she would be able to distinguish some words. And then my splendid plan was ruined – my mobile phone refused to cooperate because when I pressed the “record button” the mobile camera just crashed to desktop. It had happened to me before and I knew that I had to just restart the phone, but there was not enough time to do it. When the song ended the radio hosts didn't mention neither the singer nor the title of the song and I was devastated.

I knew right away that there was nothing I could do. NOTHING! What a terrible feeling. Then a thought occurred to me. It was like this: “If I am meant to learn the singer and the title of the song, then it will happen some other way, beyond my control”. And I pretty much forgot about the song.

The next day after I came back from work and when I was eating dinner my wife started to talk excitedly about a new song that she loved. She told me that the lyrics of the song fit her perfectly and started quoting them in Polish. She was so anxious for me to hear the song that she took her tablet and played it while I was still eating dinner. It turned out to be the same song I heard the day before. Wow.

My wife told me that she heard this song just today, but she, unlike me, knew the singer – they had been talking about Zaz on her French classes some time before and they had been listening to some of Zaz's songs there. That's why she knew Zaz's voice and was able to find the song on the net. But it's still interesting that we both heard the same song one day after the other.

(Wednesday, 20 April 2016)

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