Tuesday, 14 April 2015

„That something” in Polish women

(Originally posted on Friday, 23 September 2016)

Recently I saw (again) a music video from 2010 (the first video below) that made me think about “that something” that can be seen in many women from Poland. Something that defies description.

When I was watching this video for the first time (several years ago) I got utterly confused. On one hand everything seemed to be of foreign origin too me – a girl was singing in English, the DJ and the other guy had T-shirts with English texts on them and the setting seemed a little foreign too. On the other hand some voice inside my head was screaming “These girls are from Poland!”

Later I learned that yes, they come from Poland. All of them. The DJ created his pseudonym C-Bool after his Polish surname Cebula (the word “cebula” means “onion” in Polish), the singer is definitely a Pole and the other girl (the one who is dancing) is almost certainly a Pole too (I have found absolutely no info about her, so she is definitely not famous). By the way, I was also right about the setting – the video was shot not in Poland, but in Germany (in Berlin).

There is no universal Polish type of beauty and obviously some of the Polish women are more pretty than the others, but most of them have “that something”. The recent music video released by C-Bool (the one below) shows a totally different girl than the girls in the first video, but she’s eye-catching too. She’s almost certainly a Pole, because the video was shot in Poland (in Wrocław – the city I spent my college years in). I have found absolutely no info about her, so she is definitely not famous either. By the way, the girl singing (not shown in the video) is not a Pole, but a Vietnamese.

I have to mention that Manic Street Preachers (a band from Wales, my favourite music band) seem to appreciate the Polish type of beauty too because they included some pictures of a Polish-American girl in the official CD booklet for their 8th studio album Send Away The Tigers.

When I was looking at the pictures for the first time I had the same, odd feeling about this girl, as I had about the girls from the first video. There was “that something” in her. When I learned that she was a Pole (or a Polish-American girl – the info about her is very scarce) on one hand I couldn’t believe it, but on the other hand it was like: “Hey, it explains why I was staring at her pictures this way!”

PS. Below there is a link about Polish women with a fragment that made me laugh:

Is it true that Polish women are more attractive than women from other countries?
– I think the thing is there are more attractive ones per 100 women than in other countries. If that makes any sense.
     – This is actually a real concept. It's called a percentage.


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