Thursday, 1 January 2015

Make Your Own Life Your Own Hobby

Make your own life your own hobby. Enjoy the little things like washing your face or preparing your meals. Take your time doing such things. Relax just for a while.

Try to make other people feel better. Be kind and do some small favours even to total strangers. Surprise your family by doing things you don’t really like to do. Take pleasure in making them happy.

Do the things you know you have to do. Listen to your own common sense. Remember how you feel when you are finally done with something that was hanging over you for a long time. Do the things that need doing and enjoy your inner peace.

Don’t daydream. Concentrate on the thing you are currently doing. Think even about your movements. Take pleasure in controlling your mind and your body.

Keep fit, however you can. Do some light exercises every day. Make them short, but regular. Help your mind by helping your body.

Don’t try to do everything perfectly. Don’t compare yourself to other people. Be yourself. Realize that you are exceptional just because there is no one else like you.

Be aware of what is happening around you. Take pleasure in finding beautiful things in your everyday life. Enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the rain. Decide to be happy.

(Saturday, 14 January 2012)

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