Thursday, 29 January 2015

My previous New Year's resolution

My previous New Year's resolution (for the year 2015) was to exercise every day and I would like to sum it up.

I created a short (maximum 10-minute-long) set of exercises about 15 years ago (about the time I stopped playing amateur basketball – toward the end of my college times). The set in my opinion is very useful for “normal” men (men who have no time or no possibility or no “power” to exercise regularly for longer periods of time). Maybe I will describe it in detail some other time, but now I would like to point out only the main things.

Nowadays I repeat almost every kind of exercise ONLY 5 times (there is one exercise I repeat 7 times and one that I repeat 10 times). Toward the end of the set (after some warming up and stretching exercises) there are the most difficult exercises: push-ups (all the way down – until I touch the floor with the tip of my nose), knee-bends (on FULL feet and NOT too deep – until my thighs are PARALLEL to the floor), “leg-ups” (lying flat on my back with my hands partly under my buttocks and then raising my STRAIGHT legs and moving them over my head and a little farther, but not too much) and dumbbells lifts (ONLY 7 kilograms in each hand).

Now to the point of my post – even with so laughable number of repetitions (5 reps for each exercise) you can achieve VERY good results if you are able to exercise every day. That was my plan for the year 2015, but I failed, as it was to be expected. I managed to do only 66 sets of exercises during the whole year. Pathetic results considering my New Year's resolution, but it still means that during the year 2015 I did 330 push-ups, 330 knee-bends, 330 “leg-ups”, 330 dumbbells lifts and 330 reps of EVERY other exercise I do during every set.
Not so bad.

My New Year's resolution for the year 2016 is to exercise TWICE a day – one set of exercises before midday (in most days it would have to be before my work – very early in the morning) and one set after midday (in most days it would have to be after my work – rather late in the afternoon). If I succeed then by the end of the year 2016 I will have done 3660 push-ups, 3660 knee-bends, 3660 “leg-ups”, 3660 dumbbells lifts and 3660 reps of every other exercise I do during every set. THAT would be something. We'll see.

(Friday, 1 January 2016)

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