Saturday, 29 August 2015

My favourite NBA legends and John Starks

Just kidding about Starks. He is an NBA legend too, but mostly for the New York Knicks fans. I have never been their fan, but watching Starks was always memorable, mostly in a good way. He put all his heart in playing basketball and it was spectacular. Starks was a great dunker, but he was also a good 3-point shooter.

The video below is quite inspiring with a perfectly fitting song. At first I couldn't understand the main lyrics, so I spent some time searching for the song. I spare you the trouble – it's “Comin' from where I'm from” – from a song with exactly the same title by Anthony Hamilton.

Please notice Starks' awesome dunk over Horace Grant with Michael Jordan close by (from 1:36 in the video below - showed 3 times from different angles).

Below there are video highlights of my favourite two NBA legends, who stood out from the rest because of their passing ability.

The first one is Clyde Drexler, who was an incredible dunker, but also a great passer and defender. He finished his career with over 22000 points, over 6000 assists, over 6000 rebounds and over 2000 steals – the ONLY (!!!) NBA player to ever do it.

Plese notice Drexler's behind the back passes (from 2:33 in the video below).

The second one is the best NBA player ever, considering players' heights – John Stockton. He finished his career with over 15800 assists (over 3700 more than the second on the all-time list Jason Kidd!!!) and over 3200 steals (over 500 more than the second on the all-time list Jason Kidd!!!). Even though he is only 185 (6-1) tall, he still grabbed over 4000 rebounds and shot with 51.5 % from the field!!!

Please notice Stockton's very long perfect pass at 2:21 in the video below (showed twice almost from the same angle).

(Saturday, 6 September 2014)

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