Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Videos of John Stockton

Below there are some videos of John Stockton that I found on Youtube. I wanted to post them together with this review: Assisted (by John Stockton with Kerry L. Pickett), but the post would be too long.

I wrote some things about Stockton here: My favourite NBA legends and John Starks, but I have to point out one more thing – John Stockton played for 19 seasons (exactly 1504 regular season games) and retired when he was 41 years old, finishing with CAREER averages of 10.5 assists and 13.1 points per game. That's a CAREER double-double average !!! From 1504 games !!! How awesome is that ?!?!?!

The second and third videos show Stockton in the game 6 of the 1997 Western Conference Finals (Stockton's highlights and the whole game respectively). In the book Assisted Stockton himself describes his buzzer-beater in this game as his favourite moment in the NBA. But he “forgets” to mention that in this game he in fact scored 11 of the Utah Jazz's last 14 points. That's Stockton's modesty, again.

There is one thing I wonder about – when the game gets tied at 100 there are 22.4 seconds on the clock, but the next play starts with Utah Jazz having the ball again and there are only 2.8 seconds on the clock. Does anybody remember what happened in between these plays?

The last video shows the 1993 All Star Game. That game was a unique one, for many reasons. Most notably the game was quite tight and intense, for an ALL Star game, and the ending felt like a playoff game. John Stockton, together with Karl Malone, was named the game's MVP.

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